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Country Stampede
Pictures from the Country Stampede, Manhattan, Kansas,
June, 2006
Evan and Don get themselves ready ...
Steve Dahl making a deal with the
Governor before her introduction of the
band, and with her husband, Gary,
before he sings with us.  
Front right to left: Steve Elliott, Butch, Jerry,
Steve Dahl with Don back right.
Right to left: unknown cameraman, Rich,
Mike, Doug
Chris and Terry show their stuff
The van in the middle is ours!
Here's Chris trying to sneak into one of Toby Keith's
Steve and Jerry try getting
into the Country thing
(with help)
Steve Dahl and Gary Sebelius doing
Sweet Home Chicago!
Somehow, in every picture of Randall, he's singing!
And then there were lots of great looking
girls!  Not all for us of course, but lots of
girls nonetheless.
Here's the gang at the Beer Garden: Terry, Mike, Chris, Rich, Doug, Steve
Dahl, Randall, Butch, Don, Jerry, Steve Elliott, and Evan.  
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