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For those who are new to The Red Dogs, they're an industrial strength
Rock and Soul show band which toured regularly through 14 mid­western
states during the 1960's. During that time they released records on the
Atco label, advertised over KOMA radio in Oklahoma City, and were one
of the most popular show bands in the central part of the country. In
1969 they went their separate ways. In 2005 The Red Dogs reunited
when they were inducted into the Kansas Music Hall of Fame and the
Iowa Rock and Roll Music Association's Hall of Fame and later in the
South Dakota music hall of fame. Together again, the band is playing
periodically for both old and new fans.
The Red Dogs logo was created from a picture taken on the college campus at Manhattan, KS, 1965.
Kansas Music Hall of Fame, Jan, 2005.  Left to right, Randall, Mike, Evan, Jack, Doug, Don, Steve D., Butch, Jerry and Steve E.
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