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Here's our brass section at work.  Our first
record was released on Atlantic's ATCO label.  
Bob, Randall, Rob, and Steve Dahl.
Circa 1968
Tour Photos
On our first summer tour we played a lot of
armories.  Probably the worst acoustics, but a
good place for indoor football when we had an
afternoon off.  Here we are on an Army Reserve
tank.  Our first road manager, shown on left,
was Chris Schnell.  Then Steve, Jack, Leo,
Butch, Doug and John.
Our early recording sessions were done at
Audio House, in Lawrence Kansas.  Here's
Butch, Jerry and Don working on some vocals.
Circa 1966
Recording Studio
Photo Album
KOMA radio broadcast our ads from Oklahoma
to the Canadian border.  Here's Steve, Butch,
Roller Drome.  
Circa 1965
Black Was In!
The Famous Red Dog Inn
Here we are at our home, the Red Dog Inn
in Lawrence, Kansas, also home of the
University of Kansas.  The Red Dog Inn
was a fantastic party place which drew
large college-age crowds.  It was unique to
any other venue we played.  
Circa 1968
Way Cool
Soul Singing
A great live shot of Steve and Butch with
Steve's Marshall amps in background.  
Then, both were playing Gibson guitars.
Circa 1968
The boys got into their soul singing.  Steve
Dahl, Mike, plus some unidentified
ladies.  Probably in Bartlesville, OK.
Circa 1967
The Red Dog Inn (now Liberty Hall)
during the Kansas Music Hall of
Fame Induction Ceremony,
January, 2005
Left to right in front are Randall, Mike, Jack, Doug,
Steve D., Butch, Jerry, and Steve E.
In the back are Evan and Don.
Recording Studio
The Country Stampede, Manhattan,
KS, June, 2006.
The band was thrilled with playing at  the Country
Stampede.  A huge stage and sound system,
terrific audience with the Governor introducing us,
made for an awesome experience.  Steve Dahl is
on the Big Screen, and, upper right, Steve Elliott
and Doug are with Kathleen Sebelius, Governor of
the State of Kansas.
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Country Stampede Photos
Back are Terry, Chris,
Randall, Evan and Don
On the Road Again